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Transferring to UNM

student studyingUNM welcomes undergraduate students who transfer coursework earned at other institutions. Apply for admission as a transfer student if you have earned at least 24 semester credit hours at another college or university after completing high school. To apply to UNM, complete the regular Application for Admission

Transitioning from a UNM Branch Campus

Complete the Transition Form if you are currently enrolled at a UNM Branch Campus or if your most recent attendance at a UNM Branch Campus was within three consecutive semesters prior to the term in which you want to enroll. If you have not attended a UNM Branch Campus in the last three consecutive semesters, complete the regular Application for Admission.

Transfer Course Equivalency Information

Knowing how your course credits from institutions you have previously attended will transfer to UNM is an important part of planning your UNM degree. An official course evaluation will be completed once you apply for admission to a degree program. Before then, UNM’s Transfer Equivalency System (TES) can help you determine how your coursework from other institutions may transfer and be used as part of your UNM degree.

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